Robin Eshleman

I have always been in close touch with my emotions and my artistic nature whether through dance, media arts, music, theatre, or visual arts. My constants have always been fiber arts and garden design until 2014 when I got my first DSLR camera and a professional lens. Something transformative happened. I finally found the answer to a lifelong search to find myself as an artist. This was just the right combination of technology and artistic capability to satisfy my craving. Through this combination, I have felt at peace with my medium.

After a few years of learning how to capture images, I began to realize the artistic potential behind creating them. I zeroed in on the natural world, which brought me great joy. For a long time, I did not understand what compelled me to lie in a salt marsh on a cold December day, covered in camouflage trying to capture one moment in the life of an Avocet at dawn until, as time went by, I realized there was a purpose beyond my own joy at practicing my art. I had a message to send. We must take care of our environment, or we stand the chance of losing it. By capturing the temporal beauty of nature, and conveying that beauty through the printed image, I hope to stir something within the viewer. My goal is to evoke an emotional response that reaches deep into the primordial place where all beings connect and to inspire the nurture of conservation.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Virginia Commonwealth University. I am married and have two grown children and two beautiful grandchildren. My husband and I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia where I see the beauty of flora and fauna every day.

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